Know the facts first

Dear Editor:

As a member of both the Community Improvement Corporation and East Liverpool City Council, I want to point out some things regarding the property at Riverview Florist that was being considered for a housing project.

The developer called the city, the city did not call them. He spoke to Bill Cowan with a possible offer of $110,000 for some of the vacant land. Bill discussed this with Sam Scafide, president of the CIC, and decided to present the offer to the CIC at the annual meeting set for Jan. 16, 2014.

Before the meeting, the developer cancelled the offer due to an EPA-type inspection not being made.

The details were never presented to the CIC because the offer was cancelled. It turns out it was a section 44 plan, not low income Section 8 housing. To qualify for residency in the 44 plan you must have steady employment with adequate salary to pay the monthly lease and maintain a middle class type of existence.

Maybe people should try to find out the details of any rumors or claims by anyone before accusing someone of improper actions.

City Council and the CIC will always have the best interest of the citizens and taxpayers in mind on decisions made regarding this property.

Charles Wade

2nd Ward Council

East Liverpool