In response

Dear Editor:

I read letter to the editor title “Which side of history?” over and again and must say, it’s meanings are somewhat difficult to comprehend. But I find it’s obviously anti-Democrat.

I don’t know of any American citizen that would want to revise our constitution or claim our country was unjustly founded or that it was a charter of negative liberties, the little people just want what’s due them.

The letter reads: “There are far too many successful individuals in America.” I say you can never have too many successful Americans, no matter if they are white, black, brown, red, or yellow, we can all be successful in our shangri la of the USA if treated properly. I agree with the writer that our country has been the most successful these past 238 years, but, I disagree that freedom alone did it all.

Most of the reasons for our success were the unions fighting for the justice and rights of our workers and their families.

We also succeeded with the efforts of our veterans that consisted almost entirely of the poor class people.

I don’t know of anyone stating that Jesus wants the state to take over charity like the letter reads, but, I’ve used the terminology “WWJD” many times – using it as a guide line in life. To call that term WWJD in the political arena blasphemous is uncalled for.

We all know that Jesus favored helping the poor and we should copycat that.

Any benefit that was won by the underdog was fought for by Democrats, that’s history and the truth, so I ask again: WWJD?. Vote Republican?

The real answer to our problems in a nutshell is for the rich to create jobs as only they can do it, and then pay wages and benefits so that workers and their families don’t have to lean on government for existence and accused of socialism, communism and every other anti-American name there is.

As for American history being successful, it’s been a real hill climb these past 238 years with many heartbreaking times woven in with slavery, the wars, American Revolution 1775, Civil War, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, VietNam War, the Persian Gulf War, and the Iraq and Afgan wars. You just can’t say being a free country spells our success, a lot of sweat and blood of the poor and sacrifice of the rich made it all happen.

The conservatives have always preached to us little folks to do more for less, I ask them to do more with less and give us a chance for that almost unachievable American dream of simply paying our bills, and just maybe sending a kid to higher education. Our pockets don’t need to be overstuffed with money as is theirs.

With that said, God bless the haves and have-nots and thank God for being American.

John Flara

New Cumberland