God have mercy on us

Dear Editor:

I read very recently that an Ohio prison executed a man and it took 25 minutes before life ended. That, in itself, is animalistic even if that person did the most horrible thing that got him there.

I know a lot of people will disagree with me, but, I’ve always been against capitol punishment. In fact, I don’t believe in corporal punishment as an only resolve, especially with kids.

God’s commandment doesn’t say thou shalt not kill except, etc., etc. It simply says don’t do it.

Some people bring up a question like “What if someone abuses your mom, wife, or child?” I thank God I’ve never experienced that sort of situation, but, my initial belief is not to kill, even though I’d feel revenge justifiable.

Instead of having death row, I feel a person should be in prison for life without consideration of release and without all the goodies prisoners get like daily news, smokes, continuation of income (that should go to the victims), exercise, etc. Our penal system has so much to be desired, but, I’ll not get into that at this time only to say many prisoners get more than they deserve and many don’t get what’s due them.

At times, I think about guys like Charles Manson and how I’d like to get my fingers around his neck, but then I’d be like him. This person should have been stripped of all his constitutional rights while in prison. When viewed by the media, he brags that he can still have anybody killed at his request. That should be a no-no.

Even though I have a problem with killing in self defense, we do have a right and responsibility to protect and defend ourselves, family and friends. It seems, at times, we can’t get out of it with so many wars since the birth of our country. I forget who said during WWII, “Shoot fast and say a quick ‘Our Father.'” All countries have bad people, but, for some unforeseen reason, to me, we seem to be overloaded.

The death penalty hasn’t deterred deliberate murder and I don’t think it ever will. Several states don’t have the death penalty and it’s always my hope all states will go that direction and show the world that we Americans are not only a God-fearing people, but, a God-loving people.

Twenty-five torturous minutes? God have mercy on us.

John Flara

New Cumberland