Gas thief

Dear Editor:

I would like to take a moment and publicly wish a “Happy New Year” to the thief at Smith’s gas station that took my full gas can that I forgot to load into my car before I left.

You see, I was in a hurry and spilled just a bit of gas on the side and I wanted to clean it up, and move so other patrons could get to the pumps. I sat my can between the pumps and retrieved my money to pay for the fuel. I simply forgot the can on the island and drove off.

That’s when you had a chance for a moment of decency to a fellow human. You could have turned the can into the attendant that is a former coworker and friend of mine. But you chose to put my full can in your vehicle and drive off.

I realized my goof and turned around in Hoge’s parking lot. I may have been gone all of 30-40 seconds, and when I came back, all the cars were gone except for the ones at full serve and the kerosene pump. Three cars pulled in, and I looked frantically for my can. It of course was in your possession and you were long gone.

The attendant took down my number in case you had a moment of regret for your criminal deed. It is now 9 hours later as I write this letter, and I didn’t get a phone call from a person who “found” a full gas can at Smith’s.

This community is falling into dismal times. Unemployment, drug abuse, theft, insurance woes, and many other problems small communities have. To be honest, if a person was hard up on their luck and they would have asked for money for gas, I more than likely would have given you more than the $7.50 it took to fill up my can.

In closing, to the low life that took the can I also didn’t have the spout on it tight. So my friend, I can only hope that when you hid it in your trunk or bed of your truck, that it tipped over during your getaway and now your vehicle is soaked in stolen gas. Karma will pay you a visit.

“Happy New Year,” indeed, to one of the finest citizens in the area.

Denny Fetty

East Liverpool