Dear Editor:

Do you ever stop to think about agriculture and what it means to Columbiana County?

Do you realize what the farmers in our county do?

It’s interesting to learn that there are some 1,160 farms in Columbiana County. The average size is 118 acres. Actual total land in farms is 137, 000 – almost too much to comprehend.

For grain grown by the farmers in the county, there is available a storage capacity for 1,261,000 bushels. When you think about that, it’s a lot of wheat, oats and other crops.

According to figures obtained from the Columbiana County Farm Bureau, farmers here grow some16,200 acres of corn, 17,200 acres of soybeans, 5,400 acres of wheat, 2,100 acres of oats, and 31,300 acres of hay.

If you were to spend time cruising the county and counting, you would discover more than 27,600 head of cattle, more than 9,500 head of dairy cows, more than 5,700 hogs, and more than 1,900 head of sheep.

In addition, we have fruit farms with fruit trees such as apples and peaches, ground fruit such as strawberries and melons, and numerous fields of pumpkins and potatoes, just to name a few.

The Columbiana County Farm Bureau, along with the Ohio Farm Bureau, has a vision – forging a partnership between farmers and consumers that meets consumer needs, addresses public expectations and ensures agricultural prosperity in a global marketplace.

Farm Bureau was started in 1919 to represent farmers and rural dwellers. In 1926, after learning rural drivers had fewer traffic accidents, members started then Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., which was renamed Nationwide in 1955.

Today these members work together as a team to promote agriculture, grassroots involvement, integrity and honesty. While no one would dispute costs of food grow along with other needs of everyone, the work of these members helps to keep food affordable for not only Columbiana County residents, but residents throughout the country.

Lucille Huston