Concern apparent

Dear Editor:

Wash your garden items before you eat them. Wash the dog bowl because something in the air settled on them.

Now tell me how to wash out my lungs, and how to wash my air conditioner which sucked in the same ash particles that got on my dog’s bowl. Tell me if I should drain my swimming pool water since the ash surely landed in the water.

There is concern in the neighborhood the paper tells us, but I see there’s little concern at WTI or whatever it’s now called.

Also the EPA is not that concerned since they seem in no hurry to find out what we were breathing into our lungs.

By the way, to all those government officeholders that were in office when WTI moved in, you told people that WTI would draw businesses to our town with high-paying jobs. More than 20 years later I see not one job has been created.

People ask me where I’m from while playing cards online and I tell them from the cancer center of the world. Well I told one man that and he said his neighbor said the same thing. I ask him where she was from but all he could remember was it was a small town in Ohio that bordered West Virgina and Pa.

Need I say more.

Lou Vandyne