Fourth estate

Dear Editor:

I believe in the fourth estate and its role in government. I had every intention of shedding some light on some government officials at our local school boards, but reaction to my Sunday letter has changed my mind. I don’t think for a second that Obamacare will destroy America. I don’t believe all government employees are evil. I think our problem is with elected officials on all levels who sell out, abdicate authority and find themselves looking in the mirror too much. This is the function of the fourth branch of government. As part of that function, letters to the editor are allowed. Citizens along with the newspapers can shed light on these officials. That is my only intention.

Obamacare, like all federal programs, is a living , breathing document, that in no way is set in stone. I believe it will be amended many times before it gets to our level. Medicare was fixed when it was in trouble, and will again if it gets in any more funding problems. I spent last week at a reunion of the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas and I can assure you the Cav is better than it ever was. Our military was in dire straights only a few short years ago, but the Cav. is proving it can do it’s job today. I got to see a lot of old buddies, talked to the Commanding General on several occasions and had a wonderful time.

The Review has published the sorry state of the East Liverpool and Beaver Local BOE’s. East Liverpool can’t figure out some of the errors at Patterson Field. Maybe it was the lawsuits against one of the members, and I think the longest serving member, suing a member instead of taking care of the design and detail might be the answer. Beaver Local is being sued for letting the superintendent misuse a contractor and throwing them under the bus. I would have thought the board would have learned it’s lesson on giving up it’s authority to the last superintendent, I forget her name. Our water rates were already high, and the legal situation has cost millions, so it will go higher. Do you think the board of Buckeye Water will rein in it’s management and abide by it’s contracts?

My letter on Lisbon was not about Obamacare, it was about the misuse of funds. Do you think the money for the statue will be used for the employees? Union jobs are down to 7 or 8 percent of the work force, and commentors think Obamacare is the problem. Do you think it might be an attitude of not wanting the underworked and overpaid union b—ds to have anything, just like us? The non-union rates have always been set just below the union rates, so look in the mirror for the culprits of today’s losses.

I love newspapers and look forward to each day, so I can hold one in my hands. I have not missed an election in at least 20 years, primary and general, and even though I have had to hold my nose on some years, I vote. As long as The Review lets me send in letters, I will continue. I will continue even if they won’t publish them. Maybe some cub reporter will see it and take his brand new flashlight and go investigate, by the way his obligation as the fourth estate.

Donald J. Chambers

East Liverpool