The issue with guns

Dear Editor:

This letter is to simply express some pros and cons on all that’s happening and what’s not with guns.

Fact 1. There’s more than 300 million guns in the US today.

Fact 2. There’s about the same amount of people in the US now.

Fact 3. The US has more guns than any other country.

Fact 4. The US has more crimes than any other country.

Fact 5. The NRA insists we need more guns. The head of the NRA says to stop a bad guy with a gun, it takes a good guy with a gun. We have good guys with guns, they’re called police, US military personnel, state guards, national guards, you name it. And a lot of good guys are only minutes away with a 911 call.

What we really need is a mentality change with the NRA and a change in teaching our young.

In schools, K-8 teach the 3 R’s, but, also teach common sense and common decency. Get rid of all those knock-em dead toys that’s sold to make money regardless of its impact on a child.

The root of all evil – money, money, money – is what seems to matter to most of us.

The NRA and gun makers want more guns for more money. The rated R games and films want more money. What happens to our children is secondary to making money and that’s really sad.

The NRA membership is now more than 4 million and a lot of them agree to a more sensible view on guns today, but, the leader does not and should be kicked out for his irresponsible suggestions and leadership.

We just don’t need our teachers, coaches, and civic leaders running around with guns strapped on like the old west.

Since the 2nd amendment 200 years ago, we’ve done nothing but add more guns to protect our fear of being attacked.

Let’s stop this ridiculous mentality of government getting its foot in the door, let’s put our own foot in the door and say enough is enough.

We simply don’t need the arsenal that’s available to just anyone. We pay a lot of tax money for the experts to use whatever it takes to protect us. Let them do their job and quit letting any John or Jane Doe purchase guns at will.

I ask the NRA members this, what does the NRA do for you other than take your dues, keep you informed of your guns necessity and persuade you to blindly vote GOP that does very, very little for the middle class and lower class people. Nobody wants to change your rights with the 2nd amendment. The head of the NRA reminds me of another guy that led the German people in the 1930s. Hitler and history shows what his iron fist did with 20 million Russians and 6 million Jews not to count all the other country’s fatalities.

I have cousins and a lot of friends that belong to the NRA or just own guns. Get serious, do we need more arsenals than we have? Do you need the NRA to protect your rights?

When you vote do it seriously, not blindly or selfishly. Have we become so paranoid that we keep looking back while going forward?

Ask yourself seriously, aren’t guns designed to kill? Can you or should you and could you kill?

More guns never stopped murders and never will. What will stop it is a better mentality and respect for others.

In Japan, they also have killings, but, for the most part they respect each other. Watch as they bow when greeting someone. Just maybe we can learn from that. It seems to me that our actions toward others always boomerangs.

In trusting you might get trusted. In loving you might get loved. In helping you might get helped. And in wronging you’ll probably get wronged.

A friend of mine recently ended a conversation with, “You mean to tell me you don’t have a gun?” My answer was “No I don’t.” I hope a lot of people can say, “Me either.”

John Flara

New Cumberland