Give me the 1950s

Dear Editor:

It’s funny, when I was a kid growing up in the 1950s, I always wished I could live to see the year 2000. I always pictured it to be people with jet packs flying everywhere, cars taking off like a small airplane, people would dress differently, modern buildings with elevator on the outside wall going up and down, and many other things I thought would be different.

Now, here it is 2013, people are still walking around like the 1950s, people still driving around in cars which aren’t as good as the ones in the 1950s, most buildings are condemned ready to fall down, our country has been in at least five wars since the 1950s.

Now they can’t even pass a bill for the good of the American people. What happened to our great country? What went wrong? They took God out of praises, they took God out of schools, they’re taking God out of the government. Maybe, just maybe, that’s what started our downfall.

I’ll take the 1950s back tomorrow if I could. Just saying.

John Yanni

East Liverpool