A government permeated

Dear Editor:

To the dismay of property owners again bearing the cost, the Monday, Jan. 7, 2013, Review front page talks about recent passed voter levies.

Fine, if reason is employed in spending. Today, it is not. However, 25 years ago, when we were settled into our home, an alley connecting St. Clair Avenue and Curry Street would be graded from time-to-time and then limestone topped. The limestone top off ceased years ago. This alley is now at least 2 feet lower and continually a mud hole after it rains. The limestone formerly held the ground in place vs. washing into St. Clair during heavier rains.

It seems dollars are trying to be saved on limestone but residents in this area call more frequently requesting grading or smoothing over.

This same philosophy of tax, tax, more tax and spend foolishly seems to have permeated government from top to bottom.

John A. Capraruolo Sr.

East Liverpool