Community response appreciated

Students in Hancock County Schools, absent from the classroom since Feb. 21, appear to be headed back to school.

On Tuesday, a deal was reached among state legislature and union representation that means teachers throughout 55 counties in West Virginia will return to the job, one they walked away from in a dispute over wage/insurance.

The entire Mountain State was in a holding pattern for parts of the last three weeks as representatives hashed out an agreement suitable to all sides.

Finally, it’s nice to see our children returning to the classroom.

In the meantime, we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize the Hancock County community for stepping up.

Spearheaded by Schools Superintendent Tim Woodward, a gathering of community volunteers met Monday to gather ideas as to how best assist those working families, especially those with young children, who may have been having difficulties with child care.

The result was a plan to offer free child care for grades K-5 during the school day at several county locations including four sites in the northern part of Hancock County — one each in Chester, Newell, New Manchester and New Cumberland. Other locations were to serve as food distribution/pickup sites.

It’s what we are most pleased about — community members who care for each other, are there to help out when called upon, and willing to give of themselves to help others. All without any return.

We know there are such local people on both sides of the Ohio River as this — those willing to assist others at the drop of the hat. It’s who we are as a community.

Despite only being utilized for one day, it’s great to know — should the same need arise for any reason– that some type of plan already has been implemented.

It’s something perhaps the community and school leaders can continue to tweak and improve upon — a sort of community advisory committee.

We appreciate Woodward and the community for placing our children at the forefront. And it’s nice to know the kids — and teachers — are headed back to the classroom.