Prevent violence among juveniles

We have seen plenty of senseless violence committed by and against children, right up to and including murder. Fortunately, the carnage has not reached the level here it has in some other places.

A few nights ago in Cleveland, someone opened fire on a group of people standing on the sidewalk outside a liquor store. One was killed. Five others were wounded. None of the victims was over 16 years of age.

The dead boy was just 12.

Police continue to investigate the shooting. They have said they believe it was committed by three to four other juveniles.

Whether you advocate stricter controls on firearms or not, it is clear the blame for increasing violence by and against juveniles is a question of morality. Somehow, a disturbing percentage of young people seem to see nothing wrong with killing others.

What can be done about that, if parents and guardians will not step up and instill good values in children? Remember, the very juveniles most likely to use violence are least likely to attend values-building programs such as those by churches.

So, what else?

We don’t know, and obviously, we are not alone. Someone needs to come up with an answer.