Stay safe while hunting

Deer hunting season is in full swing in both Ohio and West Virginia and, already, a fatal accident has occurred. It happened last week in Wetzel County, W.Va., where a 20-year-old New Martinsville man died.

Hunting safety is a simple matter of common sense: Don’t shoot at something if there is any chance of hitting a human being. Repeat: If the bullet you fire may harm a human being, just don’t shoot — ever.

Dont handle your firearm so carelessly that you shoot yourself.

Understand your physical limits. Don’t push yourself to a heart attack.

If you are using an all-terrain vehicle, perhaps in unfamiliar territory, don’t become so excited by the thrill of the hunt that you disobey basic safety rules.

Be exceedingly careful if you are hunting from a tree stand. Falls are a major cause of injuries among hunters.

There is no good reason why every hunter who walks into the woods cannot walk back out. Unfortunately, some do not. They become victims of carelessness, either by themselves or other hunters.

Don’t let it happen to you or because of you. Follow the rules and be safe this hunting season.