Be educated at polls on Election Day

Election Day is one day away. One short day away to gather your thoughts and make an educated decision prior to entering that voting booth.

We prefer you go that route rather than just “wing it” or not vote at all in this general election.

As we’ve always preached, it’s important we vote. It’s also important we are educated about what it is we’re voting on and for whom we’re voting for — especially with what will appear before us on Tuesday.

The election in Columbiana County has a bit of everything, and the results will play a role in how our communities are governed.

There are choices this election, which always is a great thing. To us it means more people are interested in the communities in which they live.

We published election stories last week on those local races being contested, as well as the issues that will appear before registered voters. If you need a refresher, visit our website (

The Columbiana County Board of Elections ( also has a listing of all races and issues within the county.

Again, we urge all registered voters to cast a ballot on Tuesday. It’s important.

Be educated at the polls on Election Day