UN health agency honors wrong man

Under their president, Robert Mugabe, residents of Zimbabwe have suffered terribly. A 2008 report from Physicians for Human Rights sums it up:

“The government of Robert Mugabe presided over the dramatic reversal of its population’s access to food, clean water, basic sanitation and health care,” the group noted. His actions have led to “the shuttering of hospitals and clinics, the closing of its medical school and the beatings of health workers.”

Mugabe’s regime is notorious for human rights abuses and wrecking the country?s economy.

Recently, World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus named Mugabe as a WHO “goodwill ambassador.”

Within days, Ghebreyesus revoked the appointment, after an international outcry over it.

It is no wonder that many Americans have no faith at all in the United Nations, which is WHO’s parent organization. It names abusive regimes such as Cuba and Venezuela to its Human Rights Council. It honors thugs such as Mugabe. It looks the other way when regimes such as Iran develop nuclear arms.

Defenders of the UN insist that, as a keeper of the peace, it is better than nothing. Perhaps — but not much.