Be alert this Halloween

It’s Halloween. Be alert. Everyone. That includes those driving around the streets later tonight and those walking them collecting treat.

Motorists be especially on the lookout for those who will be trick-or-treating. It gets darker earlier these days, and some youngsters will be too wrapped up in going door-to-door to perhaps adhere to the most taught rule of the road — looking both ways before crossing the street.

Many communities will have emergency forces at the busier intersections to alert motorists to slow down, but we ask all drivers, everywhere, to keep in mind just how occupied the minds of our youth may be as they carry loaded bags of candy.

In addition, it’ll be cold out there, so our Halloweeners may be bundled up in warmer clothing, perhaps hiding their brightly-colored costumes.

Again, we ask all to simply be alert of your surroundings — both those driving and those walking the streets.

Make it a safe celebration.