More on the ballot than the presidency

Today is Nov. 8, 2016 — Election Day. It is an important day, and one that will be a historical one in our country.

We urge all registered voters to perform their patriotic duty. Get out there and vote.

It doesn’t matter what side of the political party fence you reside. What matters is you take advantage of your right to vote. Many around the world don’t have such privileges and many have died in attempting to gain the right to vote.

You have the opportunity. Exercise it.

The race to the White House has dominated this election cycle, as well it should. It has been a unique race, to be sure — one many Americans look forward to see ending, regardless of which major party candidate captures the needed 270 Electoral votes.

Here’s a reminder in case you’ve been overwhelmed by the names Trump and Clinton — there are other options. Both Ohio and West Virginia voters will have five presidential candidates to choose from on the ballot — you don’t have to vote for what some may see as the lesser of two evils. Most important is to be informed about what each candidate brings to the presidential table. Do some homework.

Beyond selecting the President of the United States, there are many local races and issues in this General Election. It’s in these races, your vote CAN truly make a difference. These are the people who will lead our areas, and you, the voter, deserve the right to put the right person in office.

In Columbiana County, voters will select a commissioner and a recorder. Hancock County has races for sheriff, commission and circuit clerk, as well as the sheltered workshop levy.

Both sides of the river also will determine state and national representation. Both Ohio and West Virginia have races for U.S. Congress. In Ohio, there’s a state representative decision to make and in West Virginia, the House of Delegates and state Senate positions are on the ballot. In addition, Ohio votes on a U.S. Senator, while West Virginia determines its governor. And voters also will elect other statewide positions in both Ohio and West Virginia.

Finally, East Liverpool (operating expenses), St. Clair Township (road levy) and Liverpool Township (building levy) have issues to determine, while  some precinct voters in St. Clair Township also will determine liquor options.

Although this General Election is important as we usher in a new leader for our country, it also is very important due the vast number of races and issues we have right here in our own backyard.

Again, we urge all registered voters to head to the polls today and make a difference.

Polls are open 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.