Don’t leave young children in a vehicle

The young woman seen in a store parking lot seemed to understand she had taken a risk. She glanced around before taking a small bag of groceries to her car — in which waited a young child.

Young children should never, ever be left alone in vehicles, even for a few minutes.

Reports of babies and toddlers killed by heat stroke after being left unattended in vehicles are not uncommon.

Even in cooler weather, the risks are enormous. When the temperature is below freezing, the chance of children suffering harm are multiplied.

Heat and cold are far from the only reasons for concern about little ones left alone in cars and trucks. They can come to harm in many ways.

Unfastening the safety gear that should protect small passengers in vehicles can be a challenge. So can shopping with an unhappy toddler on one’s hip or in a cart.

But the risk of not taking the child with you is simply too great to be taken.