Criticizing Comey won’t work

Hillary Clinton is attempting to play the “vast right-wing conspiracy” card again — but it won’t work.

Clinton and her supporters were lavish with praise of FBI Director James Comey in July, after he announced he would not recommend she be prosecuted for risking national security through her use of private email servers while she was secretary of state.

At the time, Comey was very clear that Clinton had exposed some national secrets to prying eyes. But, he said, she meant no harm.

Last week, it was reported the FBI is reopening its investigation into Clinton because new evidence has come to light. And suddenly, Comey’s decision-making process is “deeply troubling” to Clinton.

She is furious because the Comey revelation focuses voters’ attention back on her handling of the email situation — and her lies about it once the matter came to light.

Clinton and her cronies imply that what Comey did was, somehow, an unethical attempt to influence the presidential election. But his announcement in July affected it, too. The Clinton camp praised him then.

So criticizing Comey for the same type of behavior that was praised in July just won’t work. Voters are not as blindly gullible as Clinton seems to believe they are.