Hancock voters have choices

It’s good to have choices. And that’s what registered voters in Hancock County will have this election year.

Too many times there are candidates running unopposed. Too many times we are asked to simply move the incumbent onto the next term.

In 2016, however, those going to the polls in May and later in November have the opportunity – in the majority of races – to choose.

Yes, this is a major election year as we decide the next leader of our country. But, it also is very important for us to choose our county and state leadership – and that is what happens in this election cycle.

Hancock County voters will elect a county clerk, a county commissioner, a prosecutor, a sheriff, an assessor, three magistrates, a circuit clerk and two school board members. Area voters also will play a role in deciding two state delegates, a state senator, a US congressman, four circuit court judges and two family court judges.

We are excited about those who have put themselves out there as candidates; those willing to be in a leadership role; those wanting to represent this small section of the country.

And, again, we are pleased that there are choices.

What we ask now is that voters become informed about the candidates. Know who you are voting for before going to the polls. Do some homework.

The West Virginia primary is May 10. Deadline to register is April 19.