Concerned the job’s not getting done

Employees of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services who set up an informational picket line outside the agency’s Fayette County office last Tuesday earned credibility simply because of their complaint.

It has nothing to do with their wages, benefits or job security. Unfortunately, they have plenty of the latter.

That is because, the DHHR workers say, the agency has too few caseworkers to handle the current workload. In other words, they worry they are not getting the job done.

In many cases, their jobs are vitally important. DHHR caseworkers have a variety of tasks, with one of the most critical being safeguarding Mountain State children at risk from illness, poverty, neglect and abuse.

The DHHR has been under fire during the past few years, for not making efficient use of taxpayers’ money. As picketing union members pointed out, recommendations last year to reduce caseloads still have not been implemented.

Clearly, state legislators should look into the DHHR employees’ complaint.