Think safety first in all waterways

The unfortunate drowning that took place during the weekend should remind us all about the dangers of our waterways.

We understand it is summer. We understand it is hot. And we understand a quick dip serves as refreshment from the sun’s rays.

But we also understand that any body of water holds potential danger.

In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about half of all drownings occur in natural water settings such as lakes, rivers, or oceans.

We urge safety above all else.

Consider these tips from the CDC: Learn to swim, designate a responsible adult, never swim alone, swim under the eyes of a lifeguard, know the terrain.

The key is to be educated about where you choose to swim and, above all, knowing how to survive in the water.

The same can hold true for swimming pools, both public and private. Always be cautious. It can’t be said enough: Safety first.

We want this to be a safe summer.