Safety of residents important

Trustees in Liverpool and Center townships recently made moves to better protect the residents of their communities.

In Liverpool Township, the police department’s policy and procedure manual was revised, from a seemingly standard booklet, comprised of 17 pages, to a well-documented volume of more than 600 pages.

The new manual, according to Police Chief Jayson Jackson, thoroughly explores every situation that a police officer may find himself or herself in and provides guidelines and how best to manage these situations.

The chief said the manual “covers me, it covers my officers and it covers the township, most importantly.”

In Center Township, outside the village of Lisbon, trustees have created a police department by hiring Adam Little as a part-time police officer. The township still will be covered most of the week by the county sheriff and highway patrol, but officials there wanted their own local presence.

We applaud leadership in both of these local townships for seeing the need for change, and doing something about it.