Pool project worthy cause for Rotary

The Burchfield Cartwright Municipal Pool, located within Thompson Park, has been a community staple for decades.

The swimming pool’s opening each season serves, locally, as the unofficial announcement that school has ended for another year and summer is upon us.

Since he stepped into public office, East Liverpool Mayor Jim Swoger has placed the upkeep of the 70-year-old pool high on his priority list. We commend him – and his wife Amy – for that desire to maintain and operate the facility so area families throughout the community have an affordable place to go.

The news, announced Monday, also fills us with community pride as the East Liverpool Rotary has stepped up to the plate to aid Swoger in his mission.

The Rotary has made the pool’s total renovation its major fundraising project in 2014-15, with an estimate of $100,000 as the goal needed to repair the pool and deck.

Rotary members are to be commended for this decision, and we are sure – along with the community’s help – that this goal will not only be met but exceeded.

We urge other businesses, groups and individuals throughout the area to contribute to the Rotary’s mission – it’s a community project that benefits us all.

Although fundraising events are still in the planning stages, donations toward the pool may be made by calling Jeff Cartwright Smith at 330-385-2843.