Morris was dedicated to Chester

After 14 consecutive years in office, and 18 overall, Ken Morris lost his bid June 10 for another term as the mayor of Chester.

We wish him a fond farewell, and thank him for his many years of service to his hometown.

Morris should be recognized for his willingness to be at the forefront of West Virginia’s northernmost city for nearly two decades.

Many are quick to complain about the community in which they live, but very few want the headaches that come with holding a political office.

Morris took on the job, handling the complaints and headaches as he was elected to eight terms in office.

Like any public figure, Morris will be remembered for both what he was able to see accomplished and what may have not transpired. We would like to remember Morris for his dedication to the city and its people.

At his final council meeting, Morris praised those who work for the city and govern it, saying “I couldn’t have done all this without everybody around me.”