Get involved Saturday with River Sweep

River Sweep 2014 is Saturday. We urge you to volunteer. It’s a great endeavor to clean up the banks and shoreline along our small section of the Ohio River.

Residents throughout our river city communities need to realize the importance the waterway has in our daily lives – it serves as a main transportation artery for many businesses, it provides water to many of our homes, and it serves as a recreation area.

There are no official designated cleanup spots, locally, along the Ohio side this year, but Hancock County offers several locations – Swanee’s Landing and Edgewater Park Campground, both in New Cumberland; Kennedy Marina Campground in Newell; and the city of Chester.

Bill and Phyllis Swan are co-chairs for Hancock County and may be reached at 304-374-1894. Those interested in the Chester locations may call Councilman Mike Dotson at 304-670-9296.

River Sweep extends the entire length of the Ohio River and its tributaries. More than 3,000 miles of shoreline, from Pittsburgh, Pa., to Cairo, Ill, will be combed for trash and debris. This is one of the largest environmental events of its kind and encompasses six states.

If you’ve been a River Sweep volunteer in the past, you understand the need for such work – as well as how rewarding it can be. More than 18,000 volunteers took part in the 2013 cleanup.

If you have a few hours to spare Saturday morning, we encourage you to become a part of River Sweep. It’s a worthwhile way to help keep our collective backyard clean.