Village must work together in hiring chief

The hiring of a new police chief in the village of Wellsville is indeed going to be interesting. That was proven Tuesday during the public portion of the village’s regular council session.

Many came to address the issue, and many voiced their opinion on who should fill the void left with the passing of longtime chief Joe Scarabino, who died May 8.

We understand there is a time of mourning needed, but, we believe, village officials should start thinking about his replacement. At very least, they should get the process moving.

Scarabino was named chief in 2001, and was part of the Wellsville Police ranks since joining in 1980.

From what we know of Scarabino, he was dedicated to his profession, his department, the village, and those who called Wellsville home. He was well-liked. He was respected.

And, truth be told, he will be hard to replace.

There are options from within the department, and some of those who spoke Tuesday did so in support of current members of the Wellsville PD. And we’re sure that there would be interest from others, outside the village, should officials want to explore all options.

Wellsville is a close-knit community. Scarabino was one of their own. And, there’s no doubt, this is going to be a tough decision to make.

All we would offer at this point is village council and Mayor Susan Haugh eliminate the in-fighting, work together through the entire process, and select the best person for the position.