Recognition warranted for Post 374

We like to recognize those who see a need within our community and find a way in which it can be corrected.

In this instance, it’s the Sons of the American Legion Post 374 and Mike Campbell, SAL commander, who should receive praise.

The need in question, a flagpole, may seem minuscule in comparison to life’s everyday struggles, but, to us, it’s more about the ability to put the wheels in motion and achieving the goal.

The flagpole at Spring Grove Cemetery, which dated back some 150 years, was beyond repair and needed replaced. Organizers say replacing the pole was a matter of showing respect to those who served our country and died as a result; those brave men and women now buried near the pole that hoists the American flag – a symbol of the freedom for which they gave their life.

Campbell and fellow Sons officers raised the funds necessary and also sought out local support – both businesses and individuals -to purchase and erect the flagpole.

We applaud Campbell and his fellow Sons for making this happen.