Lack of voter turnout disappoints

Only 474 registered voters in the city of East Liverpool seem to care about the safety within the community they call home.

That’s all that filled out a ballot on the East Liverpool Fire Department’s 8-mill renewal levy during Tuesday’s Primary Election.

Fire chief Bill Jones had expressed the importance of passage for this 5-year levy, which generates $633,000 annually and accounts for roughly 50 percent of the department’s overall budget.

He said previous to the election that levy failure would decimate the department, which ultimately meant fire protection within the city limits would be impacted negatively.

But only 474 registered voters took the time to stand at the election booth and darken in the oval circle, either for approval of the levy or against it.

We are happy to report the levy’s overwhelming passage as 72 percent of ballots were cast in favor. But it’s disappointing more city residents didn’t take part in the election process.

All 8 precincts throughout the city were open as voting was available 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Plus it was a surprisingly nice day, weather-wise.

We agree this Election Day was somewhat drama-free as very few contested races were held, but that should never stop registered voters from participating in their patriotic duty.

Yet, the lack of involvement – both locally and countywide – in the political process seems to have become a broken record.

Only some 14.7 percent of registered voters in Columbiana County took part Tuesday although all 89 precincts were open. Many communities had levies on the ballot, democrats had an option for county commissioner, and state-level party races were held.

We would like to thank those who did take the time to participate, and also encourage those who believed their vote didn’t matter to think again when November and the General Election rolls around.

Every vote counts.