There’s nothing funny about a bomb threat

April Fools’ pranks, for the most part, we believe, are meant to be humorous.

Putting the lives of hundreds of others in danger, including our children, as part of such a prank is NOT funny.

Yet, that happened on Tuesday when a 61-year-old woman telephoned a 38-year-old co-worker and pretended to be East Liverpool Schools Superintendent James Herring.

The younger woman was told there was no school that day, April 1, because of a bomb threat at the high school.

Having children who attend school in the district, the younger woman became alarmed after several things about the call didn’t seem to add up. Mainly she was concerned because the phone number “Herring” was calling from was not associated with the school district.

When the call ended, the younger woman did what any concerned parent should do – she called the police department.

And that set off a chain of events that delayed the start of school, took city police and fire personnel away from their daily duties, re-routed school buses throughout the city, and endangered the lives of hundreds of school children.

Like most, we enjoy a good April Fools’ prank – but not when it places others in danger.

The good thing is, no one got hurt. For that we are thankful.

But let this be a lesson learned any type of bomb threat is not a joke.