Make an effort to make a difference

Our communities need a good cleansing. The winter weather, as harsh on us as its been in a long time, did us one favor – hid the ugliness that takes places because of us. The snow and ice hid the litter and trash that now seems abundant along our roadways.

Although the bitter cold is lingering, it appears spring is here to stay. And with the changing season, comes the rains and heavy winds that tend to bring our debris to the forefront.

It’s time we all did something about it.

We urge anyone and everyone to take the time to clean up around your house and your neighborhood. It’s a feel-good type of experience.

Hit the streets and better not only your surroundings, but all of ours as well. It only takes one person to notice and take part themselves for more good to be done.

East Liverpool officials and businesses announced last week the annual CitySweep will take place April 26, but there’s no reason to wait. Starting sprucing up today.

Chester’s annual spring cleanup is taking place this week. Residents there who want to contribute may obtain gloves and bags at the clerk’s office within the Chester Municipal Building.

In the coming weeks, several more communities will announce many cleanup activities. It’s time we all become involved.

Join in the effort to make a difference.