Business edition a combination of many efforts

Today, inserted within our daily newspaper, we provide readers with “Community Pride: Tried & True, Here to serve YOU!” – our annual business edition.

The four-section supplement is 64 pages total, and highlights 96 area businesses with 117 accompanying photographs.

These featured businesses are familiar within our communities, and most, we’re certain, have played some type of role, at some point, in our daily happenings.

The information provided allows the community to know a bit more about the businesses and what it is they have to offer – why each is unique to our Tri-State Area.

Despite these challenging economic times, these business owners continue to provide the community – their neighbors – with the very best goods and services available. We welcome their commitment to continuing to be involved – with us and especially their customers, both the current ones and the potential contacts.

Not only will readers find this popular special section in today’s edition, but it also may be viewed via our website, available at

This edition, one of the newspaper’s largest each year, is a combination of efforts from all the employees of The Review. We are proud of the result.