Join fight against illegal dumping

Illegal dump sites are nothing new to our communities, and it seems as soon as one is cleaned up and maintained, another one sprouts.

Officials in Hancock County are continuing to do something about it, and we support their efforts.

Rob Mark and George Hines, both representatives of the Hancock County’s Solid Waste Authority, recently marked some trouble areas with “no dumping” signs including one along Mayhew Road that had such items as tires, a mattress, cans and seats from a vehicle.

Both the state Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Natural Resources have been informed of the sites, and the local authorities believe “strength in numbers” will more easily lead to enforcement of litter and dumping laws.

But it also takes the public’s involvement. We urge anyone who witnesses illegal dumping to immediately contact authorities.

The county has previously cleaned up sites, and those areas continue to be clean today. Mark, Hines and others involved with improving these Hancock County eyesores are to be commended.

Signs, as we know, do not necessarily stop people from conducting illegal activity, but if the warning stops at least one person – or leads someone to report the act – then it is successful.

It’s your community. Keep it clean.