Encouraging news between city, township

For too long, a rift has existed between the city of East Liverpool and Liverpool Township. Not amongst its people, but, instead, by those who govern its residents.

At times, the bitterness has been laughable. There’s been that schoolyard mentality of “I’m going to take my ball and go home.”

The Bosco property and the bickering between trustees and the city comes to mind.

Originally, a Joint Economic Development District was planned between the two entities concerning the property, but that idea fizzled out after both sides could not agree on terms. Despite opposition from the township, the city eventually annexed the 83 acres that housed the former Riverview Florist into city-owned property.

Another area of recent bad history among the city and township has been the shared ownership of Spring Grove Cemetery, which came about due to a state mandate.

We understand the “looking out for one’s own” attitude – that’s essential when dealing with matters that concern the community in which one lives. But when boundary lines seem to intersect at every turn, it’s unfortunate that something can’t be worked out for all involved.

With that said, we are pleased to hear from two city leaders about unnamed “overtures” made in recent days between city leaders and township trustees.

Neither Service-Safety Director Ryan Estell nor city Councilman Scott Barrett elaborated on the “overtures,” but Estell did mention that efforts are being made to find ways in which the two entities can improve their working relationship, including Spring Grove Cemetery.

Often we hear of the neighboring police forces and their collaborations, and, at times, the fire departments have aided in each others efforts.

There may be more controversy on the horizon based on the recent talk of the city detaching itself from state Routes 7, 11, 30 and 39, which run through the city, and that would then become the township’s jurisdiction.

But for now, we are encouraged to hear the city and township leadership are attempting to work together.