Removal of city’s snow was needed

Snow removal has been sketchy, at best, in the area recently, especially in downtown East Liverpool.

During the last two weeks, the ability to park throughout the city for those wanting to access any business has been next to impossible. The reason being the large amounts of snow that had built up following two near back-to-back heavy accumulations, and the lack of removal by the city.

Thanks, we believe, primarily due to warmer temperatures, at least the snow melted on the roadways, enabling safer passage on most of the streets, but the parking situation continued.

It was embarrassing to see the lack of work on our downtown streets, especially at intersections where it appeared only one pass, in one direction, was made by a city plow.

We understand the desire to keep the main thoroughfares clear, which perhaps negates attention to the downtown streets, but even the city-maintained portion of St. Clair Avenue had a large buildup of snow in the middle of the roadway days following the last snow.

There are extenuating circumstances, we understand, in which work may fall behind, be it lack of manpower, equipment failure and lack of material. However, there also are other ways of getting the job done, and we think city leadership should be sure to find ways in which this matter is better addressed.

On Monday, however, it was pleasing to see snow removal had been performed during the weekend that allowed parking along our downtown streets. Work continued Monday, throughout the day, in fact.

As always, we will continue to remind out city leaders about what we perceive as problems in the downtown, but in this instance we want to issue our appreciation on getting the job done.