Police forces continuing to fight element

Often we hear complaints about crime in our area involving drugs and guns, and the fact nothing seems to be done about it.

Have you read the newspaper lately?

In a week’s time, four drug busts took place in East Liverpool in which drugs and weapons were confiscated. Seven people also were arrested; thousands of dollars in cash was seized; and digital scales used in the operation of drug activity and other drug-related paraphernalia was removed.

This is small-scale, we understand, and it does not eliminate our problem here, but it does send a message to those who continue to deal and abuse drugs.

The busts were a concerted effort of the Columbiana County Drug Task Force (DTF), assisted by East Liverpool City Police, the county Special Response Team (SRT), county sheriff’s office, Alliance City SWAT and Drug Enforcement Administration (DET).

Also within the last week, between 60 and 70 guns and other items were disposed of by city police at Six Recycling, ridding our streets of potential danger.

The action by our safety forces and the collaboration between the agencies reminds us, too, that county Commissioners recently continued their support of the DTF by transferring more than $100,000 to help defray the costs of six local police departments that have assigned officers to the DTF, Wellsville among them.

East Liverpool also recently announced its plans to reassign an officer to the DTF, which should come as important news to our community.

We applaud our local and county departments for continuing to fight the drug problem that exists here. Their efforts, daily, push toward a safer community for us all.