Thanks heaped on outside workers

Many of us, unless we’ve had to venture out to work, have stayed indoors the last few days – our attempt to beat the sub-zero temperatures that have blanketed our little section of the world.

But many have to be outdoors, for their livelihood. Some of our basic wants are available to us because of these types of individuals.

We would like to take this time to thank them for their services.

That newspaper that’s available to you each morning is delivered overnight in some of the worst conditions this time of year, especially this week when negative temperatures were the norm.

Our farmers, not only locally, but throughout this nation, deal with weather conditions year-round in order for all of us to have food on our tables. We thank them for that dedication.

Our postal carriers deserve some praise, as the longtime, yet unofficial, United States Postal Service motto really rings true – “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

We may not always enjoy what they deliver, but we appreciate the service that is provided.

There are our garbage men, who take care of our unwanted trash.

There are the food delivery drivers, who bring us that pizza or Chinese food on these cold winter days.

Our communities have many workers – street, water, sewage departments – who brave the cold of winter and the heat of summer to get the job done.

Our local law enforcement should be thanked for what they do. Same with those within the fire departments and ambulance crews.

Tow truck workers, who many times during this season come to our rescue after our vehicle has found itself in a ditch or is unable to start, are out many times in this weather.

There are many more. Cable installers. Electric or gas company workers. Even those who round up the carts at the local store to make our shopping trip more convenient.

If you make your living outdoors just know that many of us are aware of the sacrifices you make to get the job done. We thank you for making life a bit easier on us.