Ignorance cause for recycling bin elimination

No longer is there a recycling center on Second Street in East Liverpool. That’s a shame.

Due to the ignorance of a few and after years of attempting to remedy the problem, the Carroll-Columbiana-Harrison Solid Waste District pulled up stakes last week, removing the seven recycling bins that had been located near the entrance to state Route 39.

It’s not the fault of the city or the Solid Waste District. The effort to remedy the problem was there, we believe. Who’s to blame are those who continually defied the laws against illegal dumping.

Constantly the site was littered with a bevy of household furniture, mattresses and the like. It was a mess.

With that said, we do understand the decision to eliminate the site. It became an added expense to clean, was becoming a health and safety issue, and also placed a negative stigma on those who maintained the site.

Plus, it appears any attempt to catch or prosecute those responsible for illegally dumping did not work.

The removal of the bins is unfortunate because the site was working – residents were recycling. According to the Solid Waste District, the Second Street site was the most-used collection center of the near 65 sites it operates. It was reported that the bins were emptied three times each week due to the volume of material residents placed in them.

It could be possible that those recyclables once disposed of properly will now find there way to landfills. We hope not. We hope those who took the time to recycle previously will continue. And we’re sure they will. After all, they are the ones who were doing the right thing.

Alternatives do exist. There is a smaller recycling site in the city, located at Pennsylvania and Oakland avenues in the East End, as well as sites on East Liverpool Road in St. Clair Township and Ada Street in Liverpool Township.

It’s a sad fate to what was a successful operation.