Be alert as children return to school

There’s one thing perhaps that slips our minds this time of year – school bus safety.

Schools opened last week for St. Aloysius, Hancock County and Southern, and begin this coming week for East Liverpool, Beaver Local, Wellsville and American Spirit Academy.

With that, we ask: When was the last time you spoke with your child about school bus safety rules?

Maybe it’s been a few years. Maybe never. Perhaps, though, we assume that if they were told once, they have it engraved within that ever-expanding memory.

That being said, we ask that you take a few minutes this weekend and rehash some of those safety rules with your children – of all ages – who hop aboard the bus each day.

But motorists also should remind themselves of the rules of the road dealing with school buses. The key is to be patient. Think safety first, of course.

Even more, drivers need to be aware of crosswalks, school zones and bus stops – children can be children, and they may dart out into traffic from anywhere around these areas. Watch out for our children, just as they need reminded to watch out for traffic.

Let’s make this a safe school year.