CIC did right by issuing loan

East Liverpool is many things, but what it’s not is a booming city.

A walk through the downtown streets will show many empty storefronts. There aren’t too many new businesses popping up these days.

In fact, recently, it was reported the Mezzanine Town Mall, which housed 10 businesses within its walls, is closing. Not all those businesses will cease to operate, but it may take time for the owners to find a new location, and there’s no guarantee it will be in the city limits.

Therefore, we believe, the city’s Community Improvement Corporation did the right thing in approving an $18,000 loan to downtown businessman Brian Kerr.

The former city councilman, owner of PC Doctors and the building where it’s located along East Fifth Street, had asked the CIC to consider the loan to aid in his renovation of what Kerr described as the oldest commercial building in the city.

There had been talk about the CIC loaning money to an existing business versus the organization’s original purpose which was geared toward new businesses and job creation. We don’t see a problem with this move, however.

What it shows us is that the CIC is willing to help a city business stay viable, which should be something all city organizations should be about.