Applause for animal rescue

Some may question why two Wellsville police officers risked possible serious injury to rescue two adult dogs and five puppies from a burning home in the village.

They are merely animals, these people would argue.

For the majority of us, though, especially pet owners, these officers – Lt. Ed Wilson and patrolman Marsha Eisenhart – are looked upon as heroes.

We would like to express our appreciation to Wilson and Eisenhart for their bravely. They did what one would hope all in a position of authority would do.

The two law enforcement veterans, upon hearing of the situation, entered the burning home on July 11 in search of the animals. With the help of an area resident, they pulled the crates and cages that housed the animals to safety.

The officers, along with neighbors, used garden hoses to cool the dogs and revive them. Others brought towels. And EMTs from Tri-County Ambulance joined in by administering oxygen.

It was a valiant effort as all seven animals were saved.

We applaud all those involved with the rescue. Job well done.