Keep property free of ice and snow

The forecast this week is calling for warmer temperatures, hovering in the mid-40s with a high of 55 predicted for Friday.

It’s not exactly beach weather, but we all should enjoy it getting above the freezing mark.

However, the day soon will come when temperatures dip and snow once again begins to blanket the area.

With that, we’d like to issue a reminder – please keep areas around your home free of snow and ice.

It’s a safety issue, both for you and visitors to your home.

To be honest, our newspaper carriers come to mind. Many readers may forget the numerous challenges that face our delivery force, whether it be our carriers, motor route drivers or bundle haulers.

You see, we don’t shut down when a storm is barreling our way. We may readjust, but The Review is published 365 days a year. And that means the carriers are out there in the elements.

And by you keeping the area clear around the newspaper box or the sidewalks and steps to your door, it only helps our carriers get the news to you safely and in a timely manner.