St. Clair Township Police Reports

Employees of the Quality Inn Motel in Calcutta complained of suspicious activity in a room in which a male and female were staying, saying a car had been in and out multiple times and a staff member saw the male place a bag inside the brim of his hat then leave. Officers saw the man and woman get into a vehicle, which was stopped in the McDonald’s parking lot. The man, Thomas W. Akers, 29, Saint George Street, East Liverpool, was pulled from the vehicle and his hat removed, which was found to contain a clear bag containing a white powder. A search of the vehicle reportedly turned up a marijuana pipe and grinder, which Akers said were his. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, and the white powder will be sent for testing which possible additional charges to follow.

Officers were dispatched to King’s Jewelry for a sales associated being cursed at for attempting to help a customer. No other details were reported.

A KMart employee reported two racks containing three propane tanks were stolen.

Maria Douglass, Belmont Avenue, reported arriving home from work to find her window broken and swing tipped over. A safe was removed from its normal place and had pry marks on it, with a hammer and screwdriver nearby. She told officers she had had problems with a daughter who recently moved out.