Wellsville Police Reports

Dolly Brophey of Lincoln Avenue called Nov. 1 to request assistance from police after she had fallen down at her residence. An officer told Brophey he could call an ambulance to assist her, but Brophey stated that she didn’t want an ambulance and told the officer her son was at home but couldn’t help due to his arthritis. The officer advised the officer in charge, who said officers are not trained medical personnel and had an ambulance sent to Brophey’s residence.

Police were called at 11:15 a.m. Wednesday to a Clark Avenue home for a man threatening to commit suicide. He had allegedly been drinking and mixing pills. Officers found the man on the porch screaming obscenities and then he ran into the house before officers exited their cruiser. The mother told police he had gone into his room and barricaded himself, and that he had knives and machetes with him. Additional units were called and when officers entered the home they reportedly found him in the kitchen standing near the sink with brass knuckles on the table within his reach. Due to the man’s aggressive state, he was tased twice and placed into handcuffs. He was transported by ambulance to a local hospital for medical evaluation.