Lisbon Police Reports

Police were called to the Hornsby House, Rose Drive, at 8 a.m. Wednesday, where resident Rex Borrelli reported he let fellow resident Michael Hamilton use his government-issued phone but then he left with it. Police told one of the supervisors to tell Hamilton to return the phone once he came back.

Allison Grimes reported Thursday she was staying with a group of friends at 133 N. Market St. when her boyfriend broke her phone and assaulted her after she declined to engage in amorous activity with him. Grimes declined to press charges, nor would she let the officer take a photograph of her injuries. She was instead given a ride to another house in town. Police said they would file charges if she changed her mind.

Richard Parrish reported Thursday his neighbor was bragging about striking a stop sign at the corner of West Chestnut and West Park. Police saw that the sign was leaning, and then inspected the suspect’s car, but the officer did not see any damage.

Police were contacted at 11:49 p.m. Sept. 2 to remove a bat from 401 E. Lincoln Way, but the bat was gone by the time officers arrived.

Charlotte Leamer reported Sept. 4 she has power of attorney over her mother, who lives on McKinley Avenue, and she said a man and wife are no longer allowed at the residence but the man continues to harass her when she is at the house. Police called the man and told him he would be charged if he returns to the residence,

Carly M. Williams of Washingtonville reported Wednesday her vehicle brakes gave out in the Circle K parking lot, with her vehicle striking the outside case of water on display.

A resident of Applegrove apartments reported Friday that her payee who works for the county mental health center is stealing money from monthly payments. Police spoke with the employee, who said the woman’s monthly income was reduced because she was spending it on unnecessary items.

Shawn Haines, 34, North Park Way, was arrested on assault charges at 7:30 p.m. Friday for allegedly punching Jesse McVey, Center Avenue, following a dispute over a bicycle.

Richard S. Beadnell reported Friday he sold a 1995 Econoline van for $600 to an Amish man but the check he was given was for $400 and then Beadnell found out it had been canceled when he tried to cash it, but not before the van title was transferred to the Amish man’s driver who takes him from job to job. Beadnell went to the man’s property but was forced to leave. Police advised him to gather his paperwork and file the charges in Lisbon since this is where the crime occurred.