Columbiana County Juvenile

A 15-year-old Salem boy was cited into Columbiana County Juvenile Court after reportedly telling a teacher on May 4 he was going to shoot two other students after school and he had a plan to do it.

A 13-year-old East Liverpool boy was cited after allegedly striking his 11-year-old sister with an extension cord across her back leaving a welt on May 3. Additionally, the boy reportedly hit and punched the family dog on the same day.

A 17-year-old Southern Local child was cited with violating the terms of probation for using chewing tobacco while performing community service on May 12.

A 15-year-old Cleveland girl was cited for allegedly acting violently, threatening Opportunity School staff and using profanities toward them on May 9.

A 16-year-old Salem boy was found to have violated the terms of probation when he reportedly was found with a knife on May 3 while attending the Opportunity School.

A 13-year-old Crestview girl was cited after allegedly punching repeatedly another person in the head and causing cuts to her face on March 31.

A 14-year-old Wellsville girl was cited after allegedly leaving home on May 9 and failing to return home or tell her parents or guardians where she went.

A 15-year-old Salem boy was cited after allegedly leaving his father’s home on April 25 without permission and refusing to return. The boy was reportedly still missing as of May 4.