East Liverpool Police Reports

Responding Tuesday afternoon to the Rite Aid parking lot for possible drug use in a vehicle with two small children inside, officers found a woman outside the vehicle, feeding an infant in a baby seat in the vehicle. They saw no signs of drug use and the mother, Bethany N. Vandyke, 24, North Shadylane, told them she was waiting for a Western Union wire. After reviewing her identification, officers left but a short while later were again dispatched to the same vehicle after witnesses said a woman had left two small children in a vehicle while she was inside the store. Officers said witnesses reported Vandyke had been inside the store for about 15 minutes while the children, one of whom police reported will be 2 next month and the other born last month, remained in the car. Vandyke told officers she was inside but could see the children, saying she did not want to take them inside for fear they would get sick. She was ordered to follow the officers to the police department where she was charged with endangering children. Personnel from Children’s Services just happened to be at the police department when officers took Vandyke in and assisted with the investigation, according to reports.

Charles Desimone, Alpha Street, reported the rear tires on his vehicle slashed. He told officers he has been having problems with a neighborhood juvenile but had no proof that he committed the vandalism, according to reports.