Wellsville Police Reports

Around 8 p.m. Thursday, a representative of Repo Track N Tow repossessed a 2006 Nissan Altima, that belonged to Joann Merriman, from Sixth and Washington. The car was purchased from Jonee Lynn Mahaffey on Dec. 9. The company appeared at the station with a title that had not been notarized or signed, and a vehicle purchase/payment agreement notarized by the seller with a contract to purchase for $2,500. Merriman, the buyer, appeared at the police station with a motor vehicle bill of sale that was notarized by the seller’s boyfriend with a purchase price of $500. She also had a certificate of title with a different title number and provided by the tow company. Merriman’s title was also signed and notarized by the seller, and that she also provided valid registration. Merriman was advised by an officer that this was a civil matter and would have to deal with the seller of the car. The tow company returned the vehicle to Merriman. All paperwork was notarized by the seller of the vehicle.

Police were called around 10:30 p.m. Thursday to 211 Roselyn Ave. regarding someone breaking into a residence. Owner Doug Ansbach stated the last day he was at the residence was Jan. 14. He said he returned four days later, on Jan. 18, and noticed pry marks on the front door. The basement door had the lock broken off and pushed in. Ansbach stated nothing appeared to be missing and no entry was made. He checked the shed to the home and noticed it had been broken into, and was empty. An investigation is pending.

Jeremiah Peck, Lincoln Avenue, East Liverpool, was cited for stopping in roadway and fictitious plates following a traffic stop conducted at 3:20 a.m. Friday.

Around 1:41 p.m. Friday, while sitting stationary on the 25th Street overpass running radar on state Route 7, police observed a blue Chevrolet Cobalt traveling north in the southbound lane of state Route 7. The officer contacted dispatch and requested an additional unit for assistance. The officer then turned on his overhead lights and sirens and got onto Route 7 north in an attempt to catch up to the vehicle, while numerous other vehicles moved into the other lane to avoid the Cobalt. The officer then saw two semi trucks coming directly at the Cobalt, to which the driver was still headed toward the trucks, even after they had stopped on Route 7 south and blocked both lanes of traffic. Once the Cobalt stopped, the officer exited his cruiser and told the driver — identified as Sandra J. Baker–to park the vehicle and hand over the keys. At that point, another officer arrived on scene to assist with the stop, while T&T Towing moved the vehicle to its impound lot. Baker was taken to the police station and cited for wrong way travel on the highway, while police also sent a request into the state for a driver’s license examination. She was later released when her son arrived on station.

While on patrol around 9:37 p.m. Saturday, police observed a white two-door vehicle without a front plate traveling north on Wells Avenue. The officer initiated a traffic stop, to which the driver — identified as Garrett L. Speelman of East Liverpool — pulled in to the parking lot of McDonald’s. Also in the vehicle with Speelman were Kevin M. Sevey and Kyle M. Jarvis, both of East Liverpool. It was noted both Speelman and Sevey had prior drug charges. Speelman gave the officer permission to search his vehicle when asked, but denied having anything illegal inside when asked. Officers found a small baggy of marijuana, a marijuana grinder, a marijuana pipe and an open beer can. Speelman was cited for drug abuse and possession of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

While on patrol at 5:35 a.m. Sunday, police made contact with Jennine Baker and David Slaughter parked on the side of Main Street near 16th Street. It appeared that both occupants were asleep in the vehicle. Upon approaching the vehicle, Slaughter was awake and active on his phone, while Baker was asleep in the passenger seat with an open, half-empty bottle of beer in her left hand. Baker was cited for possession of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

David Wright, Broadway Avenue, was cited for failure to display and not staying in marked lanes following a traffic stop conducted on Jan. 22.