East Liverpool Police Reports

A trucker eastbound on West Eighth Street reported he saw a man walking toward the road from the Dairy Queen and as he approached the road, the man fell in the snow, causing the trucker to slam on his brakes. He told police he thought he had run over the man, but then had him get into the truck to wait for police to arrive. The trucker told police the man told him he was drunk and had smoked weed then exited his truck and entered a nearby house. As officers were talking with the trucker, the man in question stuck his head out from the house and was identified as David G. Gasior, 44, West Fifth Street, Salem. Officers said he smelled of alcohol and was barely able to stand, also having slurred speech. Gasior had two outstanding warrants and was taken into custody on those as well as being charged with public intoxication.

While on patrol, an officer reported seeing a driver with a large smashed area on his windshield in front of his face and initiated a traffic stop on Pennsylvania Avenue. The driver was identified as Benjamin J. Grimes, 44, New Cumberland, W.Va., and a K-9 officer was called to conduct a sniff of the vehicle. The K-9 alerted on the passenger side where Joseph Dorsey, 36, Sullivan Drive, East Liverpool, was seated. A search was conducted, and officers reported finding a syringe cap in the rear seat and a cut straw with residue was recovered from the console. A citation was issued for the cracked windshield, with the straw to be sent for testing.

Kristi L. Slagle, 31, Alice Street, East Palestine, was eastbound on West Sixth Street when Jay I. Jones, 41, Ashland, pulled from an alley, striking Slagle’s vehicle. A passenger in Slagle’s vehicle, Timothy Slagle, 7, same address, was transported to East Liverpool City Hospital by ASI ambulance. Jones was cited for failure to yield in an intersection.

Amber Hancock, 34, Crawford Avenue, called to report she was an hour away from home but her ex-boyfriend was at her residence. She later showed officers a video shot by a neighbor showing her ex’s vehicle backed into her driveway and a woman, possibly his wife, getting into the vehicle. Hancock returned home to find her home had been rummaged through, with papers scattered about and clothing rifled through but nothing apparently missing except standing jacks from the garage.

Hailey Buzzard, West Fourth Street, reported she had just returned home from work when she saw a male looking into her kitchen window. He fled when confronted.

A Riley Avenue woman reported her 20-year-old daughter, whose mental age is that of a younger person, had been talking with a man on Facebook and the mother learned his is a Tier III sex offender from Pennsylvania. She told police he had talked her daughter into sending him nude photos of herself and he is now threatening to show them to her family members on Facebook. Officers are investigating.