Wellsville Police Reports

Police were called around 10:12 p.m. Dec. 1 to a Main Street apartment complex regarding a man falling. Upon arrival, resident Edward Davis was standing outside holding his left eye and crying. A witness stated he was walking by and saw a man being punched in the face. He stopped the incident, called police and stood by until officers arrived. A female resident stated she heard arguing between two males and then heard items being thrown in the hallway along with more arguing and loud screaming. She said when she went outside, she saw Davis holding his eye. As officers were speaking with witnesses, Charles Bailey pulled up to the scene with his nephew, and Davis reportedly backed up in fear. The woman stated Bailey was the one who attacked Davis, while another witness said Davis and Bailey were fighting over a 12-pack of beer. Bailey stated, “I beat Eddie’s (expletive) and I’ll beat it again if he comes to my house.” Bailey was taken into custody, transported to the police station and cited for assault. Davis was taken to East Liverpool City Hospital for his injuries.